The following matters are considered when an application is made for a place in the nursery:

  1. The number of places available.

  2. The age of the child (making sure staff ratios are maintained).

  3. Registration requirement numbers are adhered to (maximum numbers of children cannot be exceeded).

  4. Priority will be given to siblings of children already attending the nursery.

Please be aware, there is a waiting list for any admissions over the maximum number. An information pack will be issued to all new parents/carers on admission explaining our policies and procedures, and any queries regarding any aspect of the nursery can be discussed at any time.

Visits and Settle Ins

It is our policy to work alongside and with parents/carers, during the settling in period of a new child. Visits will be arranged for the child to come to the nursery and meet with peers and staff. The 1st visit lasts for 1hr and parents are encouraged to stay and share information about their child's learning and development, discuss polices and get to know the staff. The 2nd visit last for up to 2 hours and parents/carers are encouraged to leave their child for however long they feel comfortable with. Parents/carers are welcome to phone the nursery at any point to ensure their child is settled This can only be done if all the registration forms have been completed prior.

The parent/carer will be asked to complete a registration form of their child's details to be completed during their 1st induction; this is to ensure we have contact numbers and any other relevant information, which will make the settling in period run as smoothly as possible.

There is a key worker system in place. Each child will be allocated a key worker and also a buddy Key worker. Both will be a members of staff for the child and parent/carer to become familiar with and exchange information. However, all staff are responsible for the care of the child on a daily basis.

We understand that parents/carers may be anxious or worried about leaving their child and the nursery staff will do their best to reassure you. Parent/carers are welcome to telephone throughout the day to see how your child is settling.

Please visit the setting or email us for an application form.

Sibling Discounts

We offer a 10% sibling discount for any child who has a sibling that also attends Rothbury Kindergarten.