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To ensure that all children who attend our setting have a solid foundation for learning, Rothbury Kindergarten now uses The Northumberland School Readiness Passport.

What is the School Readiness Passport?

The Northumberland School Readiness Passport is a transition document for Early Years education settings. It will be used to gather information about key events in a child's early life from the child's parents/carers which can follow them as they grow and move on to new settings.

A summative assessment tool forms part of The School Readiness Passport. This is a 6 monthly assessment, based on developmental milestones which will support practitioners to make accurate judgements about whether the child is on track to school readiness. Practitioners will record any actions they will take to support children to get back on track to school readiness if they are identified as being 'not on track'. All information gathered can then be passed on when the children leave to attend another setting, and also is able to be shared between settings when children are using more than one setting - ensuring effective communication between each setting.

The School Readiness Passport is an online programme which has been developed by Seven360 (formerly Shoofly Publishing) in partnership with the Northumberland County Council Early Years Team. Seven360, an IT company based in the North East of England, have been providing the services to schools in the North East for over 14 years, with existing links with Northumberland schools and settings with their School360 platform.

Data Safety

All information is encrypted and protected in transit with 256 Bit encryption over SSL. All setting managers have personal login details to access The School Readiness Passport system. These details include a secure passport and unique identification number.


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