If you are interested in applying for a job at Rothbury Kindergarten you can call us on 01669 620017, or you can email us using our contact form.

Vacancies for Rothbury Kindergarten will be listed here, but please don't hesitate to contact us if there is nothing listed and you are interested in working for us as we are always looking for talented practitioners to join our team. You can download a copy of our application form to send in here.

Room Manager

The room manager will be part of the management team, but will be based in one of the rooms. However they may be in the office in the absence of the manager (Divided by other room managers)

The closing date for applications is October 8th. Download an Application Form.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

Role and Responsibilities as a Room Manager

  • To ensure ratios are adhered to whilst ensuring staff that are spare are delegated to a job or informed to nursery manager.

  • To ensure staff within the room you’re working sign in and out when entering and leaving.

  • Ensure planning is completed no later on a Friday.

  • Have a system of checking learning journeys on a weekly basis (alternative rooms).

  • Ensuring cleaning is carried out regularly and is documented on cleaning charts.

  • Have a good relationships with parents whilst demonstrating.

  • Ensuring your room is safe by ensuring your staff fill out daily risk assessments. Any items deemed to be unsafe are to be documented on yearly risk assessments.

  • Are aware of complaints procedure and are to deal with any complaints made within your own room.

  • Ensuring staff within your room have a clear understanding of British values and are contributing to this within your room.

  • To ensure the outdoor area is equip for your age category.

  • To care for the general wellbeing of the children including nappy changes, toilet training personal hygiene including hand washing.

  • Ensure your staff adhere to uniform rules such as hair ties back, no nail varnish (no outdoor shoe policy).

  • To provide a high standard of childcare whilst ensuring the environment is stimulating for the children within your room involving those children with additional needs.

  • Ensuring your action plans are up to date.

  • To carry out show arounds within your room and are aware of the relevant information needing to give to them.

  • To involve parents/ carers as much as possible in the planning of activities and special events which occur whilst keeping them informed as much as possible about changes or developments within the nursery.

  • Ensuring your daily routine is being followed and your daily routine is typed and all staff are aware.

  • Provide activities for your students you are their mentor.

Role and Responsibilities in the absence of the Manger

  • Have a clear understanding for childcare fee’s and how they are documented, this included handling money, banking, petty cash, childcare vouchers, college invoices and care to learn accounts.

  • Have a clear understanding of all policies and procedures.

  • Ensure all risk assessments are kept up to date this includes daily, yearly and outings.

  • To ensure ratios are adhered to and recorded in database, whilst ensuring staff who are spare are delegated to a job or sent home.

  • Have an understanding in completing weekly registers and Rotas.

  • To present a staff meeting/ training whilst setting up an agenda or to take minutes of staff meetings.

  • Have an understanding of staff development, this including completing supervisions or taking minutes.

  • To file away paperwork including accident, incident, medication and registers.

  • To assist the cook in completing Asda orders.

  • Are aware of availability in all rooms and the process of enrolling a child.

  • Are aware of how to update allergies and illnesses.

  • Assist job interviews with the support from Terry Gribben our recruitment officer.

  • Induction to new staff and are aware how to complete a DBS check/ Induction.

  • To complete termly newsletters or any reminders to parents.

  • Are aware of our SEF and are including in help update this on a regular basis.

  • Sending and receiving emails.

  • Attend training/ meeting’s.

  • To be aware of children who are at risk and ensure that appropriate action is taken without delay whilst informing all relevant people (having the support from SENCO).

  • To liase with outside agencies such as health visitors, portage and pre school.

  • Involved in disciplinary meetings with staff members.

  • Ensuring students have a clear induction when they begin and supervise, support and mentor them.

  • The ability to open and lock the nursery.

  • To report any damage to Eamonn and know of who to contact if Eamonn is not available.

  • Are aware of RAG Rating and their actions.

  • Confirming holiday, lieu and carrying out back to work interviews.

  • Have awareness of setting off a fire drill whilst documenting your results.

  • Are to assist inspections from Ofsted, Local Authority and Environmental health.

Information and Requirements

Staff Role Information

Career level required: Experienced (Non-Manager)

Experience required: 2+ years

Education required: Vocational (e.g. NVQ/SNVQ)

Job type: Permanent

Job status: Full Time

Supply Nursery Practitioner

We are looking for an supply nursery practitioner to join our team at Rothbury Kindergarten.

The closing date for applications is October 8th. Download an Application Form.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

Quality of service (childcare and education)

  • To ensure the children are cared for in a happy, safe and stimulating environment.

  • To have a sound understanding of a child’s development requirements, and the following planning systems “The Early Years Foundation Stage”. Providing a range of stimulating learning experiences designed to meet children’s all round development.

  • To ensure that each child reaches their full potential, and is treated as an individual and a member of the group at all times.

  • To ensure a variety of age appropriate equipment is provided to enhance the environment for the children and their families as well as the staff

  • Implement the daily routine in the room in which you are based.

  • To plan prepare and review, stimulating activities to meet the needs of all the children whilst following any regulations required by Ofsted. Also ensure that all planning and development folders up to date and filed appropriately.

  • Undertake certain domestic jobs within the nursery e.g. preparation of snack, empting nappy bins, and other such duties and responsibilities of an equivalent nature which may be determined by the manager.

  • To organise play facilities, to set out attractively and supervise appropriate stimulating activities.

  • To assist in the preparation and cleaning up of activities, encouraging the children to help wherever possible.

  • To participate in observing, monitoring, assessing and recording children’s activities in order to maintain written records.

  • To assess appropriately and record the development for all key children in your group and write regular reports, whilst also collecting evidence.

  • To encourage children’s language development and to encourage the development of home languages where appropriate.

  • To care for the general well-being of the children to include nappy changing, toilet training and to encourage personal hygiene.

  • To ensure adequate levels of supervision to ensure acceptable standards of behaviour and discipline at all times such as supervision and control will include instruction during play, rest and meal times.

  • To assist with action on issues raised through Ofsted, Quality Assurance Inspections, Local Authority, and internal ‘mock’ inspections.

Teamwork and supervision

  • To work as part of the team in a designated room.

  • To carry out other duties as determined by the Nursery manager/ Deputy/ Senior Nursery Nurse including attending staff meetings and contribute to them and attend appropriate training.

  • To ensure that statutory ratios are maintained at all times, within the rooms.

  • To encourage positive behaviour by presenting yourself as a role model.

  • To delegate tasks and responsibilities within your room, as appropriate.

  • To supervise and support, staff who are not as qualified (Nursery Assistants) and students who are on placement.

  • To liaise with outside agencies such as: health visitors, speech therapists, colleges, Ofsted, Local Authority etc as appropriate.

  • To contribute to the general decoration of the nursery e.g. wall displays.

Health and safety

  • To be aware of, and carry out duties in connection with Health and Safety at work, including risk assessments, H+S law, COSHH and RIDDOR etc.

  • To ensure all rooms, gardens, equipment and materials are cleaned and cleared away at the end of the day. Whilst ensuring they are in good condition and safe to use.

  • To be familiar, and carry out procedures such as fire drill, first aid, etc.

  • To maintain a high standard of hygiene throughout at all times and to follow infection control procedures.

  • To follow food hygiene procedures.

Policies, procedures, registration and legal/compliance

To be fully committed to and ensure that all agreed company aims and objectives, policies and procedures, including Child protection and Equal opportunities, are followed at all times.

To support the Nursery Manager in ensuring that requirements of the current Early Years Foundation Stage, Every Child Matters and The Children’s Act 1989 are considered, whilst ensuring you have the correct documents and paperwork in relation to this.

Information and Requirements

Qualifications and experience required

  • Childcare experience preferred.

  • A recognized Childcare Qualification Level 3 equivalent.

  • Experience working with children in one or two different age groups.

  • Ability to work as a team, alone, using your own initiative.

  • Overall good understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage, Health and safety, Food Hygiene etc.

Staff Role Information

Career level required: Experienced (Non-Manager)

Experience required: 1+ years

Education required: Vocational (e.g. NVQ/SNVQ)

Job type: Temporary / Contract

Job status: Full Time