During a full day at Rothbury Kindergarten children are offered three meals along with two light snacks. The times for each of these meals are as follows:

Rolling Snacks

At Rothbury Kindergarten we have introduced Rolling Snacks for both our morning and afternoon snacks. Rolling snack involves the children choosing when they have snack and often serving themselves rather than all being seated at the same time with no choice. This is known to provide a number of benefits for the children, such as helping to develop motor skills, building independence and confidence and giving children a conversation rich period of the day to help their communication skills.

Our Sample Menu - Week 1

Please note that these menus are a sample of the meals we offer, they are subject to change and are reviewed on a daily basis. They are adapted to suit children's individual needs where necessary such as children with allergies or who may require a vegetarian menu.

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Our Sample Menu - Week 2

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